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Welcome to an Adventure of a Lifetime.
Come to Trinidad and experience an incredible diversity of life, up close and incredibly personal. 
We will take you down bat caves, into the jungle at night, into the mountains and the cloud forests.
The Rainforests and Savannas of Trinidad are waiting for you.
The hidden trails and elusive animals of the deep bush are waiting. 
Check out our description and prices below.  

Trinidad is a tropical paradise which has one of the most unspoilt Rainforests tracts in the whole of the Americas. Due to its geological history it has the highest ratio of species to land area of any country in the world. 
We will take you to Trinidad and guide you around the most fantastic of areas there are. 
All of the photographs on this page were taken by members of previous expeditions and show a small portion of the 
     wildlife that can be found there. Andrew and Asha live both in the UK and in Trinidad. What makes what we do most unusual is that we are from the UK but we have a complete local knowledge and this, coupled with our use of local guides and our background in Zoology, allows us to peel back the layers of this country and give you a truly spectacular experience.
I have put a sample itinerary we based a trip on last year, below. It is important to realise that built in to this schedule was the provision that, throughout the trip, the people there were making arrangements to go out at night, most nights in fact, to collect snakes, take pictures etc. Actually at our initial meeting we established that only a portion of the itinerary would be followed and I made some suggestions for new activities based on the particular interests of the group. 
For instance we spent a night with the Rangers patrolling the beaches of Manzanilla Bay guarding the huge Leatherback Turtles when they come up the beach to nest. Locals will crowd around them and drive them back to the water before they can lay their eggs. My company sponsors the turtle conservation in this area and arranging access to protected areas has been possible due to an excellent relationship we have with the authorities in Trinidad.
Whilst we have guided mixed groups and groups made up of individuals who did not previously know each other, what we are ideally looking for are groups that share a common interest. For instance we organised an expedition for a group of Reptile enthusiasts. Because everyone shared the same interest there was no ambiguityas to what activities we carried out. We went walking in areas that were populated by snakes and lizards, we searched the banks of ponds for frogs and toads, we went out at night time hunting for snakes. We also worked with a group of Bat experts and arranged a tour of the many Bat caves on the island, including Tamana Cave where the Life On Earth  bat sequences were filmed.  
You can either book an expedition for yourself or for a small group, or you can enquire when we have dates available and join a trip we are planning. These planned trips with a group of people with differents interests and reasons for wanting to see Trinidad can be very exciting and can lead to some very interesting adventures.   
Group size is up to a maximum of 10 people. Ideal group size is around 6. 

At this stage please check out Dave'sBlog. Dave was a member of RFUK, the reptile forum, and he and some other members came on an expedition to Trinidad to search for unusual animals. On his return he posted this excellent Blog (click button left) which pretty much says it all and lets you know what we can do in a short time frame of 1 week.

We can tailor our expeditions in other ways as well. We normall stay at the Alta Vista lodges in the northern mountain range, you can see some pictures in Daves Blog. It is right in the middle of the jungle and at night the animals come to you. Its quite rough and ready, the people who have stayed there love this and want to return each time. If you are looking for accommodation of a more executive nature we can arrange for you to stay at Asa Wright Nature Centre, the best quality accommodation in Trinidad and, again, right in the moddle of the Rain Forest. Prince Charles has visited here and spent time watching the wildlife.
We arrange all meals, pack lunches and eating out. Food is cooked for you at our accommodation but we often eat when on the hunt so we carry lunch with us normally. 
As far as Trinidad goes we normally issue the following advice.
  • Vaccinations: only get the ones recommended, there are others you can get but thats often overkill (pardeon the pun!). I have never got any vaccinations for any of the hundreds of trips I have made to Trinidad.
  • Money: The currency is Trinidad and Tobago dollars. You would expect to get around 10 Dollars to 1 pound. We can change money there at the best rate available, I think. For a weeks expedition you will probably need around £200.
  • All of the water is safe to drink but bottled water is available.
  • Trinidad is not a poor country, they have the third largest GDP in the Americas behind USA and Canada. Their wealth is based on the Oil industry.
  • Fuel costs are among the cheapest in the world. A litre of Deisel costs around 15p!
  • You should bring a mosquito net and lots of mosquito repellant (minimum 50% DEET).
  • For a 7 day trip you should bring 9x pants, 9x tee shirts or short sleeved shirts / blouses, 3 pairs long trousers (one pair that can get really dirty) 9x prs socks, one pair wellies, one pr trainers, one pair walking boots, 3 prs shorts, and a hat.
  • There are excellent pharmacies in Trinidad, you will not necessarily need to bring all of your toiletries and replacements can easily be bought.
  • Vegetarians eat well in Trinidad, there are many vegetarians in the country.
  • Drink: we stop periodically to stock up on beers etc. The Beer of choice in Trinidad is either Stag or Carib, both lager type ales. They are cheap and very good. 
  • We fly from Gatwick via BA. Flights take off at 10am and, with the shift of the clocks, we land at around 4pm after an 11 hour flight.
It is impossible to publish an exact cost and we are not Travel Agents, we are not ABTA accredited and we do not take any money from you prior to travel.
This is how it works.
  1. When you contact us to let us know you would like to go to Trinidad then we will plan a trip. We have scheduled trips or you may want to organise the people who will come, yourself. If you are a company this is the best way because we can tailor the itinerary for your needs. 
  2. Once we have a date I will check flight times and, once agreed, we will all buy the tickets ourselves on the same flight. Alternatively I can arrange a block booking with BA and everyone can pay their own share. Responsibility for 
   3.   The fact that you have booked your own tickets for Trinidad is our guarantee that you will travel. We do not therefore need you to send us money in advance so there is no risk to you.
   4.   When we arrive in Trinidad we will stay at the accommodation we have arranged. We make no profit whatever on the accommodation, we will get the bill and you will pay your share for the room and the food.
   5.   The excursions we go on will involve some costs in fuel (not very much), vehicle hire and local guides on occasion.
   6.   We charge an amount per day for hosting the expedition. Again this can be settled at the end of the trip or any time you like up until you leave.

Here is an approximate costing for a typical trip.
  • Return Flight from Gatwick: £580  
  • Vehicle hire, per person, 7 days: £15 / day, £105
  • Accommodation at Alta Vista, £20 per night, £140
  • Food estimated at £15 for Breakfast, packed lunch and sit down evening meal : £105
  • Guides per person, x6 days @£10 per day, £60
  • Tropical House fee, £70 per day, 7 days, £490
  • Total For Expedition:  £1480  
If you would like to discuss the possibility of you arranging a trip or coming on one we have arranged please contact us here.
We very much look forward to seeing you in the Jungle.



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