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Welcome To Tropical House's Land Based College Products Page.      
   Tropical House has spent the last 3 years, during the summer vacation of each year, refitting Land Based Colleges around the country. We have built, from scratch, units housing Reptiles, Amphibians, Inverts and Mammals. These units are used in teaching sessions and were supplied with all equipment fitted, running and set up. We have worked with the technicians of all the 
      establishments we supply to ensure that the finished result is exactly what they want. Many times we will change features from the original design without further cost. Our team of engineers are extremely versatile and can solve just about any issues that arise. Our customers know us to be conscientious and happy to adapt what we do onsite. Of every quality that this very discerning type of client would look for in a supplier I believe this is our strongest attribute. Within our team we have metal frame fabricators, glass experts, animal care experts and mambers of the team with many years of experience involving this type of work. We are unique in the industry because we build entire animal care units and we are also experts on animal husbandry. In most cases company's that work in this  
sector tend to be either specialist construction or specialist animal husbandry company's. We are both so we are able to interact with your staff on their level and understand the issues they are faced with when things are not designed propperly. 
The pictures you can see here are of various stages of completion of all of the main groups of enclosures we make. From open topped walking Rabbit pens and Chinchilla cages to units housing multiple sizes of vivariums and terrariums, we offer versatility and 

      flexibility where very little exists in the current marketplace. Most of our competition offers off the shelf solutions which severely limits adaptation and modification. Ventillation position, lock types, build material, escape proofing......... we have found that everyone has a different opinion of what works. Some like glass construction, others polyprop, some VETs advise epoxy floor paint, others are tiled or wooden. We are able to tailor our tender to exactly what you need and make sure that the correct specialists are on site at the right stage of the work to make it all come together.
 Please take a look at the other services we offer which, I think, will be of interest to you.          
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