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     We at Tropical House use a range of techniques to assist us in tendering for a job. 
In the first instance we will almost always visit on site. (In some cases this is not cost effective when the value of the job does not allow us to absorb the cost of travel and time to visit initially) Once we have a clear brief, and depending on the scale and size of the job, we will prepare a proposal which will be costed and contain our representations of how we imaging the finished product will look.
We use a number of techniques to illustrate our designs. 
  1. Hand sketches. Normally we produce these on site with the client, to illustrate a point or clarify a discussion topic. We would then base our more technical drawings on these sketches.
2. Computer drawings. We use Sketch Up and other drawing programs. It is amazing how accurate the drawings can be and how close a representation to the actual finished display we can produce. 
3. Detailed hand drawings. At Tropical House we understand that sometimes there needs to be a more artisitc representation of an idea and for this we employ detailed hand drawings. Our artist will produce some very attractive sketches which can be mounted and used to present to management and funders alike.
4. Model Making. In very complex projects we understand that our involvement at the beginning may be prior to all of the funding decisions being made. As aprt of the process, having a detailed scale model of the finished project can be very useful in recruiting enthusiasm and propogation investment. We are able to make these models and help you get a decision.

All of these options are part of the service we offer.
Any drawings or sketches we produce are normally part of our tendering process and so we would not normally charge for these. Our customers have come to expect unusual designs and innovative thinking from us. Our proposals are always different and find ways to make each asset we design as impressive and significant as possible within budget. Drawings help us to clarifty the exact brief and establish a precise cost before beginning. We base all of our estimates and ordering after the contract has been awarded on the drawings we produce so what you see at the time of tendering and what we agree to 
will be exactly what you get.  
We make simple models inhouse. Models provide an opportunity to walk around a project and envisage how it will look more accurately than a 2D drawing. When it comes to more accurate models, such as those that are actually going to be put on display, such as the demolished building, right, (which was put into a fish tank for a Demolition Company so the fish would swim in and out of the building) we will normally out source this to one of our other company's.
We are also able to produce lighting diagrams, electrical plans, plans for architects and overall project specs. 
We can take commissions for producing drawings and models for work we are not going to perform. If you are interested in Tropical House becoming involved in the design of a project which will be built inhouse or to a third party contractor then we are very happy to do this. We would charge a consultancy fee to produce your plans and drawings.

With this range of sketching, detailed drawings, models and plans available to you from our Planning and Design service, it makes sense to get in touch with us and ask for some input. As I said we will visit intitially without charge and will discuss what we can do for you. I am confident that our services and the scope of what we can do will be of great interest to you.  
Some of the other services we offer are listed below. I recommend you take a look around and see what we can do for you.     





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