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Whether you are looking for small areas of
sculpting / rockwork or entire attractions turned into scenes from the Rockies or Outer Space, our team of Rock Artists and Painters will deliver
the goods.
We can work from the start, from your initial plans for a new attraction, or we can work on an existing structure and retheme it. Many Rollercoasters and other attractions can be entirely reborn with a theming facelift. 
We can repair old theming during your close season, stonework or cladding that has cracked or 
deteriorated through time.
Ask us to come up with new ideas for areas of your theme park that have seen better days. Rather than repaint or patch, let us suggest cost effective ways of extending the life of an attraction and delaying
the need for large outlays of capital.
If you are considering some theming work, re-signing or overhauling some older work then asking us to come for a look does not cost anything.
We will tell you what we think and how much it will cost. We will spend time planning and supply you with sketches of what we suggest.
We have a fantastic reputation amoung our regular customers for getting the job done beyond their expectations and under the price they would expect to pay anywhere else.      

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