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Tropical House build any size and shape of Aquarium in glass or acrylic. We also build tank units for several aquariums. We can theme the front to fit with your existing theming or design and apply a completely new make over for your display space.
    We work in glass from 4mm up to 25mm and thicker when laminated. We also work in acrylic up to 75mm thick.
Tropical House Ltd can supply premade aquariums or assemble on site depending on size. Tanks the size of swimming pools are not a problem.
We can design and install anything that can be made. In the past we have worked with the largest companies and the most unusual designs. We can build tanks in steel frames or make them frameless. We can manufacture bases for them or build onto an existing subframe.
Our team are also experts in filtration and aquarium plumbing. We have manufactured centralized shop systems from scratch and worked with huge commercial plants with walk-in skimmers. High-capacity and macro-particulate
removal can be incorporated.  
 Recently we designed a filtration system for a penguin display, about the most demanding use for a filter it is possible to conceive.
Either in our factory or on site we can drill holes of any diameter. These can be formed in new tanks or we can overhaul an older system and retro-fit new or improved fitration, often avoiding the expense of replacing tanks that do not function properly.
In terms of glass types we have float glass up to 25mm, optiwhite, opticlear, laminated safety glass up to 53mm, toughened and wired. We use high quality silicone sealant for all glass types and we issue a full guarantee against defects leading to failure. We carry product liability insurance which, to date, we have not needed. 
  Our team comprises fish tank builders with over 40 years experience between them. We have built aquariums around pillars, up staircases and archways that people walk through. We designed an aquarium room where people would walk through an archway and find themselves in a room where the walls and ceiling were all one fish tank. A tank on a shelf that ran all around the room like a square donut with a pump causing the water to flow in one direction so the vallisneria bent over in the current and the shoals of tetras sat stationary in mid flow.
We have a great deal of experience with Marine tanks, fragging tanks, Paludariums, vivariums and we build state of the art Leaf Cutting Ant tanks for zoos and butterfly gardens from glass. 
 Our team will fully install your Aquatic 
display and, if built on site, they can return to fill and even set up for you. We have access to livestock from around the world and can source even the most hard to find species.
If you are looking for suuply only of glass for your own project then we can help there also. We have access to sheet glass either in stock size or cut to order. We can polish the edges and drill holes.     

Our Key Features are-
 Combined 40 years experience building Aquariums
♦ Lowest cost Aquarium on site building service guaranteed.
♦ Qualified and Experienced in Glass and Acrylic at any thickness
♦ Filtration and Drilling on site.
♦ Theming and decoration of Aquascapes, Reef Construction and Rockwork
♦ High level Liability Insurance and long Guarantees on all products.
♦ For Notifiable Projects we supply CDM coordinators from inhouse team.
 We think you will find some of the other products and services of interest. Please check out the pages below and please contact us if we can help you.    You can use our contact page or click here.
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