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→  Full Retail Pet & Aquatic shop fitting service.
  All Glass Tanks supplied made to measure, nationwide delivered from our factory.
→ Retail Display units for Fish and Mammals supplied made to measre at industries lowest prices and fitted.
→ Bespoke Theming service available.

Glass Tanks  
→ Any Size or shape can be built.
→ Lo
west Prices, UK wide, guaranteed
→ Large tanks Built on Site
→  Filters made to order, holes drilled.
  Whole Store redesign and manufacture / fit of brand new bespoke sales display units.
  • Lowest cost, guaranteed, for all made to measure and standard size retail housing and shelfing units.
  • Manufacturers from a Pet Selling background- we understand what you want. 
  • Plant Cascades, Centralized filtration, Reptile Display Units, Fragging systems, Pens and Cages.
  • Made with your budget in mind- ask us for a quote for your requirements we will be the lowest cost for the most return.
  • Follow up supply of Aquariums and vivariums available on request
Let Tropical House custom build your new shop. We will visit you and discuss what you are after. We will then supply you with drawings of what we think would work. Whether you are after one display unit or a complete refit, we guarantee our units will be the lowest price you will receive. 
Our guys will come on site and erect the stands. We will work around you, overnight if necessary to avoid opening hours.
Tropical House employees have been involved with Pet Shops and Aquatic outlets for over 20 years and are aware of the advancements and changes that have occurred in the Pet Trade. We do not believe that adding costs to an installation for no benefit is justified so we will not 
add extras into our quote simply to add to the cost or make our clients believe they are getting something extra when
they are not.
We will focus on reliability and ease of service. The set up you will receive will conform to all Pet Shop Licence inspections, the units will pass the most rigourous of tests and we will give you a guarantee to ensure your new look outlet remains looking fantastic for years.
Tropical House offer 
  • Theming and Artwork to transform your outlet. You can have your Aquatic department transformed into an Aztec temple or an Egyptian pyramid with realistic stone blocks and carved windows looking into your tanks. You can make your Reptile department look like a cave complete with Stalactites etc. Check out our Theming and Rockwork page below.
  • What about a colony of Leaf Cutting Ants. Tropical House has in its team the worlds leading specialist on Leaf Cutting Ant installations. We can set up a display where the Ants leave the nest along a walkway and travel through your different departments, even through tanks if you want, carrying leaves back to the nest. We can create the feeding table anywhere, as part of your counter or in a window to draw people in. This is a unique opportunity to make your establishment different and make a statement! Take a look at our Leaf Cutting Ant page below.
  • We can supply you with unusual and interesting plants from collected by us from the rainforests of Central and South America. Many of the species of plant we have in stock are not found anywhere else. Check out what we have in the Online shop below.
  • If you specialise in exotics why not arrange a trip for your customers to the Rainforest. A fantastic opportunity to explore the tropics and go looking for snakes, lizards, frogs and inverts. We will take you down bat caves and into swamps. Check out comments from previous participants below on the Trinidad Expeditions page.
Have a look at some of the great services we also offer. I think you will find some of the things we do very interesting:-     
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