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Heliconia Psittacorum- False Bird of Paradise
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Heliconia psittacorum (Heliconiaceae)

Alternative Botanical Name:

Heliconia cannoidea A.Rich.


Common Names:


 Heliconia Parakeetflower

 Parrot's Beak

 Parrot's Flower

 Parrot's Plant

 Parrot's Tonque





 Heliconia psittacorum L.f.

 Kingdom: Plantae-Plants

 Subkingdom: Tracheobionta-Vascular plants

 Superdivision: Spermatophyta-Seed plants

 Division: Magnoliophyta-Flowering plants

 Class: Liliopsida-Monocotyledons

 Subclass: Zingiberidae

 Order: Zingiberales

 Family: Heliconiaceae - Heliconia family

 Genus: Heliconia L. - Heliconia

 Species: Heliconia psittacorum L.f. - Parakeet Flower  





 A herbaceous upright small heliconia, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest Heliconia psittacorum flowers are actually highly modified leaves and bracts growing up to no more than four feet tall.


The long pointed leaves are shiny green. The pinkish-red bracts arise from a central point on the stem. The flowers have 3/4 to 1 inch long penduncles that rise above the pointed bracts. Beautiful frosty cream colored bracts, shading from pinkish-red to mauve to the tips. Its sepals are cream colored with green-black bands.

 The parrot's beaks are exotic, abundantly bloomers all year long. The flower, or inflorescence of the Heliconia stays almost constant, and may last from several days to several months.

 Heliconias like places with a lot of water, rich soil, and sunlight. Heliconia psittacorum does not mind cool temperatures, but does best in warm, humid areas.

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