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Colocasia-Black Stem
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 Colocasia- Black Stem

Plant Group:
Sunset zones 12, 16-24, H1, H2.
USDA zones: 8-11.
Heat zones: 12-10.
Mature size:
Height: 5-6 feet (1.5-2 m).
Width: 3 feet (90 cm).
Flowering period:
Flowering attributes:
The calla lily like flowers have a yellow spathe surrounding a yellow spadix.
Leaf attributes:
Large (2-3 feet), arrow-shaped, glossy, green leaves top deep purple, succulent stalks.
Growth habit:
Full sun to partial shade.
Moist to wet, fertile, humus rich soil.
Propagation Methods:
Divide in early spring or late winter.
Pruning Methods:
Prune off dead leaves throughout the growing season to keep the plant looking good.
Pests and Diseases:
Aphids and white flies can be a problem when wintering plants over in the greenhouse.

Price  £ 7.50
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