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Healthy, well established, disease free plant in a 5cm pot. These plants have been propagated from cuttings. 
Price  £ 7.50
American Pokeweed

Beautiful, healthy, well established tropical plant propagated from cuttings. This is one of my personal favourite. 

Price  £ 7.99
Colocasia-Black Stem
 Well established, healthy, disease free tropical plant in a 5cm pot. 
Price  £ 7.50
Dwarf Ginger
 This is a fast growing, beautiful, well established plants with lots of roots in a 5cm pot. 
Price  £ 6.50
Heliconia Psittacorum- False Bird of Paradise
 This is a fast growing, well established tropical plants with lots of roots and an absolutely stunning flower. 
Price  £ 7.00
Malvaviscus Arboreus
 This is tropical beauty, absolutely stunning when in flower. It’s a well established, healthy plant propagated from a cutting. 
Price  £ 6.50
 Very fast growing, well established tropical plant in a 5cm pot.This is an absolutely stunning plant   
Price  £ 9.00
Aluminium Plant
This plant is an evergreen, which has a small insignificant flower. This type of plant is perfect for hanging baskets. Healthy, established plant in a 5cm pot 
Price  £ 7.00
Prickly Pear
 This is a healthy, well established plant in a 5cm pot. 
Price  £ 6.50
Red Flame
 This Tropical herb is a very popular one with us because it’s a really fast grower and it would grow just about everywhere the seeds fall. It is well established and come in a 5 cm pot. 
Price  £ 6.00
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Tropical Plants
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