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Tropical House Ltd and Zoolab Ltd have teamed up to offer you a brand new and absolutely unique service, a chance to benefit from the UK's leading Educational Company with a reputation second to none and a business strategy based on delivering ethical and successful life long learning centred around animals and interactive workshops.

The Details:
  1. We will write your educational talks, based on the exhibits you have, and ensure they pick out the key points of the National Curriculum in England and the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. Our experts are employed full time to write all of the educational material for Zoolab and over 20 years we have perfected ways of making what we present 100% relevant to the schools and what they are looking for. As a result of our involvement you will be able to advertise to schools out of season and attract learning visits where previously the school would not be interested. 
  2. We can train your presenters. Zoolab has a full time training department to ensure our field presenters are the best in the country. We will not only produce the material for your team of presenters to deliver, we will host a training course for your employees to show them how to bring the material to life. Once they have been trained your establishment will have fantastic presenters with relevant and dynamic material to present. Your educational tours will pick out the most relevant information from the displays you have and deliver it to the children in a unique and interactive way.
  3. Our inhouse, professional designer is available to work on your literature and publicity material relating to the educational element of your attraction and produce a corporate 'look' which will maximise the key selling points to schools. We can overhaul the way you present yourself to schools in your area and make sure that what you are selling says what the buyers want to see in a way that reflects your company ethos and aspirations.
  4. We can consult with you on increasing the level of bookings for your groups each year. Our sales department have knowledge built up over 20 years of gaining access to key decision makers within the education sector and are able to plan a sales campaign for you to roll out and implement.
  5. We can take on your sales campaign and fill your diaries. Zoolab Ltd can plan and implement an entire sales campaign to fill your diaries. This means you have the option of handing all of your worries regarding bookings to us. We will  produce a sales strategy unique to you and then make it work. We will work to established targets and deliver absolutely what you need to move forward. This is an amazing opportunity if you are either stretched too far to propoerly organise your annual sales effort or if the group booking side of your business is not at the level you would want it to be.
  6. Educational Theming. Why not let us redesign the signage on your exhibits and make them tell a complimentary story to the educational message your presenters are delivering. We can do this to your entire animal collection or restrict ourselves to a particular department or group of exhibits. If Tropical House is building a new section in your zoo or some new exhibits then why not consider having us supply all of the signage for you also. Then, along with everything else your visitors are exposed to during their visit, the signs will sing from your hymn sheet also.
  7. We can go one further and supply our own staff to carry out your educational program. This would be a good option for you to consider if you needed extra personnel to cover very busy periods of time when bookings exceed your available staff. Or you may want to discuss with us a seasonal contract whereby our teachers staff your educational tours and host all of your group bookings. This would allow you not only to oversell at this very hectic time of year but also to extend your group bookings season. We can also service short term contracts during summer holidays and other busy times of the year where you may be very busy and our staff can do animal handling sessions and group tours when your staff may be otherwise engaged.
  8. As a final option for you to consider, you could let us do everything! This option would allow you to pass on the job of preparing your exhibit, selling the visits, booking the diaries, staffing the tours and presenting the material about exhibits that have been re-signed with relevant and dynamic signage. This contract would enable you to focus on running a fantastic exhibition and leave all of the educational work to us. 
These are very new ideas and are based on our experience within this industry. We deliver bookings and consistently full diaries in up to 30 geographical locations throughout the whole of the UK. We deliver the results every week of the year, Zoolab relies not just on bookings in the busy season, we have developed a way of extending this season to cover every month of the year. If you would like to talk to us, we would love to hear from you. Contact us here and we will discuss how Tropical House and Zoolab can transform your educational and group bookings into a profitable and essential part of your business. 

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