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Your corporate Logo, made in clear tubing, with Leaf Cutting Ants running through it carrying leaves, at your Head Office or at an exhibition.
It says you are Efficient, Effective, Well Organised, Unique. You do things differently but you get the job done. 
This imagery is both mesmerising and very strong. Your company will stand apart at exhibitions and will draw media attention to your corporate identity.

"We offer you the chance to work with our team to come up with something amazing that reflects the strengths of your brand and sets your company apart from the rest."
  Corporate Services:-
Aquarium Installation

What about an Aquarium in your foyer or in an area where staff spend a lot of time. Take a look at the zig zag tank below. Working in this environment fosters a mood of enthusiasm and interest. Fish are not restricted to any particular area, they can go where they want. So nothing is ever the same for the viewer. Shoals of fish may pass or nothing may show itself for a while. This is perfect for a call centre or location where staff are based performing repetitive tasks. The fish tank is there for them all of the time.It takes up little space but has a big effect on morale. 
We can also build a large community fish tank in any location around your establishment. This can be set up as a Marine tank or a freshwater tank. Many clients like to have Malawi Cichlids which look similar to Marines but eith a fraction of the cost and hassle. We can of course arrange maintenance for your tank so you have nothing to do but arrange feeding. Even this can be automated.
Furniture can be supplied in a traditional finish (see right) or a modern, steel frame appearance. We can build aquariums to fit into an odd space such as around a pillar or up through the floor between floors. Anything you can think of we can do. Let us know what you are thinking of and we will give you a price. 

Bring your Corporate Logo to life with our brand new signage service. 

We have just recently launched a brand new product. Imagine your company logo made in glass tubing. We can add colour to the back of this but the front remains clear. Once this is manufactured we can then either have Ants walking through it or we can fill it with water and have fish swimming through it. Out of sight from the sign there will be a bigger tank but the viewer will only see your sign and the animals moving around inside it. 
We recommend this idea for exhibitions where this spectacle will give you an edge over the other exhibitors both as a hook to draw visitors in and as a publicity generator. Get in touch and let us know in what way we can tailor our products to suit you. 

Tropical Plant displays complete with Butterfly installation

Plants in a corporate setting are old news and something we are not involved with. But what about a planted display with tropical butterflies flying around. We at Tropical House are nothing if not adventurous. We would build a display which could be under a stair or in a foyer, anywhere you like. We would plant it with Tropical Plants and populate it with butterflies. This display would be constantly moving with neon colours, the impact would be fantastic.
You can decide to maintain it yourself with our guidance or, we recommend, we take care of the week to week husbandry. New butterflies arriving regularly aas well as the butterflies you have breeding and producing more. This dipslay could be truly stunning and a step away from tradition.
Tropical House works across the Natural Exhibitions and Displays industry, from Zoos,safari parks and Botanic Gardens to Museums and Theme Parks. Offering our unique services to this Demographic is part of their normal expectation, Theming Fair Ground Rides, building Zoo exhibits etc, but setting somethng unexpected and different in a corporate environment produces an interesting opportunity. Much thought is put in to finding a way to stand out in the marketplace. Making your message or your services front of the line in terms of client draw is the most important task in setting such as Exhibitions and Conferences. We offer you a chance to work with our team to come up with something that reflects the strengths of your brand and sets your company apart from the rest.
I have added some of the other services we offer below which I think you may be interested in and might serve to illustrate what we are all about. Please have a look around and contact me, Andrew Stephenson, for a chat about what Tropical House can do for your image. 
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