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Andrew Stephenson is one of the leading experts on Leaf Cutting Ants in the world. His experience with all aspects of their husbandry has meant he is consulted by leading collections on husbandry issues and regularly travels to clients in the UK and beyond to install housing, life support equipment and colonies of Atta and Acromyrmex. 
The majority of public displays around Europe have been supplied by Andrew. Please check out these fantastic insects here:
Leaf Cutting Ants
TropicalHouse have established an amazing reputation in the past few years for their Theming work. Check out what we do. We can create a cave with windows into exhibits, we can build an Egyption Pyramid or an Aztec temple. We can transform a Them Park Attraction into a whole new world or give a facelift to old decoration thats seen better days. Click on the picture to see how the work we do could help make your attraction better and more popular.   
Theming & Rockwork
 Using the most up to date packages we will produce detailed drawings for you of the designs we come up with. After a visit to your site we will send you our suggestions and costings for every option. You will see what the finished product will look like. As you can see we also can produce models of the final exhibit which are especially useful if you need to present the concept to senior management or funding bodies. Take a look, click on the picture:   
Designs & Models 
 Andrew and Asha host regular Expeditions to the Trinidad rainforest. These nature tours expose the visitors to a country that boasts the highest density of species per km sq. of any country in the world. We very much tailor each excursion to the particular group we are working with. We go exploring down bat caves, hunt snakes at night, travel through swamps in search of Manatees and Ibis, trek through deep rainforest and get close up to a side of this country not very people see.   
Trinidad Expeditions 

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